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Publishers Weekly
Food and Faith: Fall Books Nourish Both Body and Spirit
by Heidi Schlumpf

Those who consider a gourmet meal a near-religious experience will appreciate a menu of new books serving up sustenance both actual and spiritual.

In Sister Karol Jackowski's Good Cooking Habits (Ave Maria, Sept.), the wacky nun—who claims "fun is like the eighth sacrament in my life"—combines recipes for "the best food I've eaten in 50 years," along with humorous and nostalgic stories of her 38 years in religious life. Recipes for her dad’s barbecued ribs, her famous coconut cake and the best margaritas north of the border accompany these reflections.
"Any meal or any time you gather around the table with people you love, to me, that's the essence of the Eucharist," said Jackowski, who admits to using food to lure college students to meetings. She is the author of Ten Fun Things to Do Before You Die (Hyperion, 2000) and two other cookbooks from Ave Maria.