The Pope's Contradictions

The Legal System and Clergy Abuse in 2004:  By Marci Hamilton
Reasons for Victims to Be At Least Somewhat Optimistic

Association For The Rights Of Catholics In The Church  Dec 20, 2004
A New Kind of Withholding

National Catholic Reporter   
December 10, 2004
Misplaced Papal Praise

Bishop Accountability
— documenting the sexual abuse crisis in the Catholic church

(Survivors Network of thoe Abused by Priests)

"We are SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. We are the nation's largest, oldest and most active support group for women and men wounded by religious authority figures (priests, ministers, bishops, deacons, nuns and others). We are an independent and confidential organization, with no connections with the church or church officials.
And we are here to help."

Irish Examiner
"Clerical abuse in US compounded by crimes and cover-ups"

..."THE scandals rocking the Roman Catholic Church in the United States are not only about paedophile abuse at parish level, or about covering up at a higher level, but also abuse at the highest level.

Three American cardinals are under investigation and no fewer than 10 bishops have resigned or retired under a cloud over sexual allegations."...

Voices of Outrage

" invites survivors of sexual abuse and non-survivors to join their voices and work together to bring justice to those abused by Roman Catholic priests, bishops and other sexual predators.

Stories continue to emerge that highlight the Roman Catholic Church’s cover up of sex crimes against children."

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Bishop Indicted...

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